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Wyatt’s Weighted Wonderland originated from the need to provide practical and high quality weighted sensory products to my special needs children and to my extended family at an affordable price.

Our Story

My son and the company’s namesake was diagnosed with severe Autism and Epilepsy at age two.  He also suffers from Eosinophilic Gastroenteritis (food allergies) that make him get sick nearly daily.  He is a twin and he and his brother were born two months early weighing around 3 to 4 lbs each.  It has been a rocky road for my sweet boy, but with these diagnoses, we were finally able to start putting the pieces of his diseases together to help make significant improvements.
Early on, a therapist had recommended that I purchase a weighted blanket to help my son sleep since he was waking frequently and required me by his side, limiting everyone’s sleep each night.  I began my search and was disappointed to find only expensive blankets that would not meet his sensory or my practical needs to clean it.  Having a strong creative and sewing background, I made his first blanket myself.  It was a hit!  Next came one for his twin, my older daughter, my nephew, and other friends with special needs.  Things took off from there.

The feedback I received was overwhelmingly positive and I regularly received requests for new types of products that were desperately needed to help meet the very specific demands of some darn cute clients. I opened my virtual doors shortly thereafter and have enjoyed every success story since. The idea of helping so many children like my son and their families holds a special place in my heart. Parent testimonials still make me tear up.
While the featured products make up our core, I am always listening and looking to help you overcome those hurdles that our special children so often face. So send in your ideas and check back often for new and ingenious weighted products.

Wyatt’s Weighted Wonderland

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