About Us

My son and the company’s namesake was diagnosed with severe Autism and Epilepsy at age two. 

Early on, a therapist had recommended that I purchase a weighted blanket to help my son sleep since he was waking frequently and required me by his side, limiting everyone’s sleep each night.  I began my search and was disappointed to find only expensive blankets that would not meet his sensory or my practical needs to clean it.  Having a strong creative and sewing background, I made his first blanket myself.  It was a hit!  Next came one for his twin, my older daughter, my nephew, and other friends with special needs.  Things took off from there.

The feedback I received was overwhelmingly positive and I regularly received requests for new types of products that are desperately needed to help meet the very specific demands of our amazing clients. 

So send in your ideas and check back often for new and ingenious weighted products.

Our Mission

To promote weighted therapy product use by offering innovative custom solutions
to simplify the lives of our clients and their caregivers.

To support our community by sourcing, serving, and staying local.

Our Partners


Tiffany Nachefski

Tiffany Nachefski

Mom to three amazing children (one of which is Wyatt) and lover of all things crafty.

Kristin Finaru

Kristin Finaru
Fabrication Consultant

Whether she is racing to one of her children’s therapy appointments or in regular competition on foot, this is one amazing Mom.

Dior Burns

Dior Burns
B2B Networking

She dedicates her life to providing resources to our special needs and at risk community and is mom to two beautiful children.