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Each weighted product is carefully constructed of 100% unbleached premium cotton muslin and filled with either non-toxic polypropylene pellets in weighted therapy blankets or short grain rice in weighted aromatherapy hot/cold treatment products.

 Duvet covers, in the fabric of your choice, are machine washable and attached to weighted blankets with dryer safe snaps to avoid bunching and shifting.

Aromatherapy (bergamot, chamomile, eucalyptus, lavender, peppermint, patchouli, or rose) can be added to all products with duvet covers or those being spot cleaned only for an added homeopathic or sensory benefit.

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A part of what makes Wyatt’s Weighted Wonderland blankets so special is that we collaborate with each customer on the final design aspects.  No two custom blankets are ever alike!
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We are so pleased to announce that you can now place orders for your custom Wyatt’s Weighted Wonderland products by computer at We Rock The Spectrum Katy, We Rock The Spectrum Sugar Land, and We Rock The Spectrum Cypress.  Visit the gym to look at one of the weighted product samples in person and take advantage of the special discount on all Wyatt’s Weighted Wonderland orders placed on-site.

Customer Feedback

Dr. Rachel Garrett writes:  Amazing customer service! A joy to work with and really cares about what she does. Thank you for everything!

Aydee writes:  He is obsessed with his blanket!!!  I don’t know how we lived 7 years with him waking 2-4 times every night!!!  He sleeps ALL NIGHT!!!

Jessica writes:  My son has severe Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD) and has always had difficulty sleeping since birth.  I have tried various methods (ranging from holding him to medicine) to help him sleep through the nights and nothing would help.  After years of struggles and even after having a sleep study done, which turned out normal – providing no explanation with why he would have struggles with staying asleep, a friend of mine who’s child also has SPD recommended I try a weighted blanket.I found Wyatts Weighted Wonderland through a recommendation of a local mother and Tiffany made a custom blanket for my son.  The first night of him sleeping with it, he slept throught the ENTIRE NIGHT!!! I was awestruck!  Her blankets are extremely well constructed, customized to what my liked, and just the right amount of weight added for my son’s needs.  He has had his blanket for quite some time now and sleeps with it almost every night.  He sleeps so much better now ever since getting the blanket and I have gotten myself one too!
Kendall writes:  Thank u so much!!! He loves it and has had 2 night with full sleep!!! We love it!

Product Care

Weighted Blankets and Lap Pads

      • Blankets that weigh five pounds or less may be spot cleaned with a gentle cleanser or washed on gentle cycle cold and laid flat to dry.
      • Blankets that weigh more than five pounds may be spot cleaned only with a gentle cleanser.
      • Duvet covers may be washed on gentle cycle cold and laid flat to dry.
      • Infinity Style Bibs may be washed on gentle cycle cold and laid flat to dry.
      • Weighted Aromatherapy Cuddlers and Treatment products may be spot cleaned only.

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Never leave your child unattended with any Wyatts Weighted Wonderland products. Weighted blankets could cause suffocations in children/adults who are left unsupervised. Materials used to add weight could pose a choking hazard if ingested. Follow product care instructions. Wyatt’s Weighted Wonderland accepts no responsibility for the misuse of products supplied. Improper care or misuse of product voids any and all warranty. All sales are final.